Dr. Ghanbari is a Doctor of Audiology with a distinguished internationalRahim-3 career having completed notable professional and educational work in

Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iran, South Korea and the United
States. He has edited and contributed to more than half a dozen
publications in the field and acutely balanced his professional work with
patients alongside a distinguished career in education.

Many cases of hearing loss, injury or deafness could be prevented. 

Part of successful prevention is having policies and procedures in place in our laws, bylaws and workplace health & safety systems, but there is also an element of personal accountability that incorporates education and knowledge. In conjunction with training professionals and audiology students, the Noble Ear & Hearing Institute supported by a team of technical experts, business professionals and course writers, provides the opportunity to learn how to protect your hearing.

More than one million Canadians suffer from diagnosed hearing loss and as many as two million more suffer without any diagnosis or treatment. This means that one out of every ten people in Canada have a hearing issue – more people in Canada suffer from hearing issues than from vision issues!


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